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For more information, email mary@LeeCantu.com or call Mary Cantu at 512-448-2677For more information please email: mary@LeeCantu.com or call Mary Cantu at {512} 448-2677
LeeCantu.com is the Austin, Texas based curenderar who focuses on maximizing both spiritual and human potential in health and healing. We help people identify what therapy works and is successful, and mark what doesn't make sense in a heathly life. By first knowing why a person is ill, you can then first eliminate the cause and second begin a useful therapy. Coupled with effective and targeted health habits, can help people eliminate wasted or unnecessary time and cost spent in traditional medicine, and maximize the potential of people to help heal themselves. 
Visit our Offices at 1500 South 1st Street in Austin, Texas 78704 by appointment

Call Lee Cantu at 512.448.2677 | lee@LeeCantu.com

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